The Underpinnings of Road Safety: People and Technology

As a member of NEXCO Central Nippon, Central Nippon Highway Engineering Nagoya Co., Ltd. provides customers with safety, security and comfort via our maintenance and inspection services.



Company information

About Central Nippon Highway
Engineering Nagoya Co., Ltd.


Business activity

Our wide range of services
beyond maintenance inspection


Technology and Development

Technological capability is our product

  • Dependability levels
    and operational inspection
    for road surfaces,construction and
    equipment of facilities
  • Data analysis,
    discussion for maintenance
    and proposals
    for effective measures
  • Road repair planning,
    snow and ice data collection
    Investigation into environmental
    impact, road functionality and
    facility equipment
  • Measures for snow and ice,
    data collection
    Research development
    for related machines,
    proposals for technology
  • Safety control and instruction
    on construction and quality
    Restoration of damaged
    facility equipment